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The SMoCC is a structure determination facility of the D-CHAB, operated jointly by the LOC, LAC, IPW. The D-MATL has been a founding member and was participating until end of 2016.

We support the research activities at the D-CHAB by providing a routine structure analysis service. In addition, we offer support on crystallization techniques and problematic structures beyond simple routine structure analyses (disorder and diffuse scattering, twin formation, incommensurate and modulated structures, phase transitions). We take care of these problems in the course of our research activities, too. Our infrastructure allows us to handle and measure samples under various non-standard conditions. To ensure maximum flexibility and to be able to solve challenging crystallographic problems, we offer a direct access to the instruments for interested (PhD-)students and postdocs after adequate training.

For problems which cannot be investigated with our equipment, we will apply for beamtime at neutron-/synchrotron beamlines.

If you want to apply for one of our services, please contact our team. For submitting a sample for an X-ray structure analysis, please fill in a request form signed by the group leader. You may download the X-ray analysis form as a PDF or DOC or file.

More detailed information for students, instrument operators, group leaders or experimentalists interested in our small molecule X-Ray services can be found on our chemcrys-server.


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