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The SMoCC team offers a variety of analysis methods and characterizations with X-rays. We perform single crystal structure analyses on a routine basis, also under non-ambient conditions (temperature, protective atmosphere). Powder diffraction can routinely be used for identifying known compounds and under favourable conditions also as a basis for structure determinations. We provide help and expertise for growing suitable crystals and for the interpretation of problematic structures (disorder, diffuse scattering, twinning, incommensurately modulated structures).

If you want to apply for one of our services, please contact our team. For submitting a sample for an X-ray structure analysis, please fill in a request form signed by the group Leader (available as pdf (PDF, 32 KB) or doc (DOC, 32 KB)).

More detailed information for students, instrument operators, group leaders or experimentalists interested in our small molecule X-Ray services can be found on our chemcrys-server

Crystal structure of an Pt-Al-compound
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