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23.06.2017 | Research

Technological innovation “trumps” politics

Technological innovation, often induced by national and sub-national policies, is a key driver of global climate and energy policy ambition and action. Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement will hardly affect this trend. Read more 

21.06.2017 | Research

The eyes have it

Patients with age-related retinal disease need regular injections in the eye. At the moment, these must be given by specially trained medical doctors, but a robot may well handle this task in the near future. Read more 

16.06.2017 | Education

A new view of the world

The Swiss World Atlas has been published in a completely revised new edition. In addition to the usual topographic relief maps, it also contains maps on current global issues such as the environment, energy and conflicts. Read more 

15.06.2017 | Research

Medicine is awash in data

Genomics, digital patient files and real-time health surveillance – never before have we had access to so much health data. Three ETH researchers explain how they extract relevant information from this sea of data and the potential benefits for personalised medicine. Read more 

14.06.2017 | Research

Universal stabilisation

ETH researchers led by Lucio Isa have developed microparticles with a rough, raspberry-like surface that stabilise emulsions following a new principle. Read more 

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Jun 13, 2017 | urn:issn:2052-2525

Making crystals with a purpose; a journey in crystal engineering at the University of Bologna

The conceptual relationship between crystal reactivity, stability and metastability, solubility and morphology on the one hand and shape, charge distribution, chirality and distribution of functional groups over the molecular surfaces on the other ha ...

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May 24, 2017 | urn:issn:2052-2525

What macromolecular crystallogenesis tells us – what is needed in the future

Crystallogenesis is a longstanding topic that has transformed into a discipline that is mainly focused on the preparation of crystals for practising crystallographers. Although the idiosyncratic features of proteins have to be taken into account, the ...

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May 24, 2017 | urn:issn:2052-2525

Stochastic polarity formation in molecular crystals, composite materials and natural tissues

This topical review summarizes the theoretical and experimental findings obtained over the last 20 years on the subject of growth-induced polarity formation driven by a Markov chain process. When entering the growing surface of a molecular crystal, a ...

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May 10, 2017 | urn:issn:2052-2525

XFELs for structure and dynamics in biology

The development and application of the free-electron X-ray laser (XFEL) to structure and dynamics in biology since its inception in 2009 are reviewed. The research opportunities which result from the ability to outrun most radiation-damage effects ar ...

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May 2, 2017 | urn:issn:2052-2525

NMR crystallography: structure and properties of materials from solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance observables

This topical review provides a brief overview of recent developments in NMR crystallography and related NMR approaches to studying the properties of molecular and ionic solids. Areas of complementarity with diffraction-based methods are underscored. ...

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