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Instruments SMoCC
Available Difrfactometers at the SMoCC

We have 8 single-crystal diffractometers and two powder diffractometers available:




  • a) Bruker SMART Platform with Apex I CCD-Detector
  • b) Bruker-Nonius Kappa-CCD
  • c) Oxford Excalibur S
  • d) Rigaku Oxford Synergy with Dual-Microsource and Dectris Pilatus 300K
  • e) Bruker-Nonius Mach III/ Apex II CCD-Detector with Incoatec Microsource
  • f) Bruker D8 Advance Dual Source with Apex II CCD-Detector
  • g) Bruker D8 Venture Dual-Source (Cu-Microsource) with Photon 100 CMOS-Detector
  • h) Bruker D8 Advance with Apex II CCD-Detector
  • i) Bruker D8 Powder diffractometer
  • j) Stoe STADIP with Mythen Silicon Strip Detector
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